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ROME – After the 2011 World Championship on the Traunsee Lake, the Platu 25 sail adventure carries on, moving back from the fresh to the salt waters.As Edoardo Barni, the Platu 25 International President remarked “A World Championship on a lake was a quite courageous and unusual choice, and it was interesting to measure ourselves with different conditions. As everybody knows, it is completely different to race on a lake from sailing on the sea. We wanted to try and we wanted also to move the International Platu 25 fleet into the Alpine area, a place where passion and talent for sailing has been increasing a lot in the last years, thanks to the Platu 25 Alpen Cup and to the enthusiasm of the German, Austrian and Swiss fleets. It was great to race on the Traunsee Lake, but now we’re going back to the wide appeal of the sea. At the beginning we supported three nominations for the next Platu 25 Worlds: one in France, in Monte Carlo, one in Spain, in Portosìn in the Galicia region and the third one in Italy. At the end, we considered the Yacht Club Cala de’ Medici the most suitable and strategically located for the next Worlds”.  

The first nomination in chronological order fell on the MonacoYacht Club , a place that became a prestigious rendez-vouz for tens of Platu 25 crews. The “Primo Cup” organized in the Principality of Monaco made the waters in front of Montecarlo very familiar to Platu 25 crews. Every February, indeed, many crews decide to take part in the event because it is the first important International appointment and it opens officially the Sailing Season. Monaco is also in a strategic central position.
During the Platu 25 World Championship in Gmunden, also the nomination of “El Club Nautico de Portosìn” in Galicia, North Spain, was made official. So, after Vigo in 2006 and Alicante in 2010, Spain is ready to host, one more time, the Platu 25 World Championship. Portosìn, presented its official candidacy to the IPCA (International Platu 25 Class Association) Italy, as well, is an aspirant to the nomination for the Platu 25 World Championship.
As Edoardo Barni underlined: “Both of these choices were interesting and attractive for different reasons. In the end we preferred Cala De’ Medici in Tuscany because it’s located near Livorno harbour, a very central and strategic position. Indeed, it can be easily reached by all the Italian fleet but also by the fleets from Switzerland, Austria, Germany and France. Thanks to the very effective road and sea links, also the Spanish and Greek fleet will be able to join the 2012 Worlds. . We also hope to have members from all over the World, like in the previous editions, especially from those Countries where Platu 25 fleets have been just created or they have been increasing in the last years like Turkey, Thailand – where the Thailand One Design Championship carries on with success– and New Zealand”.
The YCCM (Yacht Club Cala De’ Medici) is a very warm and welcoming place. It was founded in 2004 with the Marina Cal De’ Medici support and from then it has been very active, organizing prestigious and competitive sail events, in cooperation also with other local yacht clubs.  For the 2012 Platu 25 World Championship the YCCM will be also supported by other Clubs of the Committee that have already organized very prestigious races such as the International Optimist Championship in 2005, 2008 and 2011, the National 420 Championship in 2007 and 2009, the European 470 Juniors and Snipe, just to make some examples.
The Italian Platu 25 Secretary, Roberto Puccetti - he is one of the main promoters of the Cala De’ Medici Nomination for the next Platu 25 World Championship 2012 - knows very well this area. He lived and began to sail in Castiglioncello and he is part of the crew on board “Aria” the Italian boat from Tuscany supported by the “Associazione Italiana dei Donatori di Organi” (AIDO) - Organ donors Italian association (to know more: http://www.platu25.com/News/tabid/70/vw/1/ItemID/86/Default.aspx.). As Roberto Puccetti underlined: “Cala De’ Medici is the perfect place where a Platu 25 World Championship can be placed because it’s well set up with a very expert technical team .Moreover, Cala De’ Medici is located in one of the most attractive areas in Italy, near the ancient town of Castiglioncello, a lovable bathing resort with a unique union of history, culture, and landscape beauty. The weather conditions in September are nice. A day thermal breeze, from 10 to 15 knots blows on the regatta field. Usually the sea is calm and the temperature is between 15 and 27 degrees. Castiglioncello is a lovely bathing place with a long tourist tradition. Therefore it offers a very high quality accommodation capacity as well as an excellent Tuscany cuisine. It is not by chance that Cala De’ Medici gained the title as “Porto del gusto” (Flavour Seaport).
For those who come with sailors, there are plenty of interesting itineraries and places to visit. Cala De’ Medici is also a few kilometres from the mythical Tuscany hills and from some of the most important historic and artistic Italian cities such as Florence (105 km), Pisa (45km),.Livorno (30 km), San Gimignano (70 km), Volterra (35 km), Bolgheri (30 km), Montalcino (140 km).
In a short while, on www.platu25worlds2012.it it will be possible to find the Notice of Race and all the information around the event – included a list with the hotels that have an agreement to host the Platu 25 sailors and their companions, as well as information about the road link with Pisa airport and the ship transportation of the boats”.
For more information: Roberto Puccetti: segreteria@platu25.it
Platu 25 International press: sabrinabonaiti@libero.it
English edited by Kev Scott (Thailand NCA ) kevscott@hotmail.com
    Copyright © 2009 Platu25 International Class
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