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MONACO – The 2012 Platu 25 Primo Cup Champion is the German “GRÜN-Farrbar2” helmed by Jens Ahlgrimm who dominated with six first places during the “28th Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse”, which saw very competitive series racing from Friday to Sunday (3-5 February). The second place is for an other Platu 25 German boat, “Gamberro” helmed by Sebastian Sturm, followed by the Swiss “Le Cactus” helmed by Olivier Ryhner.

On Friday, 65 international teams from all over Europe competed  three races and, on Saturday, they had to face very tough conditions, with winds up to 30 knots from the north-east to south-west, providing an excellent early start to the regatta season in demanding rather wintery conditions.  The Saturday race couldn’t be finished and on Sunday it was possible to race the last competition (so just 5 races available). All sail classes crews had all the possible conditions, from 2 to 30 knots, one metre till 4 metres waves, from 8 degrees down to 2 degrees, sunny and cloudy days: that happened just in three days and it made very difficult and competitive this edition.

Apart from the Platu 25 class, dominated by the German Jens Ahlgrimm (GRÜN-Farrbar2) who raced to five easy victories, the other four series went to the wire with the overall winner being decided in the final race. So the renewed German boat - with old crew – confirmed its talent one more time. Last year, indeed “Farrbarr” - always leaded by Jens Ahlgrimm from Berlin - , conquered the third step of the podium and two years ago it won the 2010 Primo Cup edition.

It was a pity that it wasn’t possible for “GRÜN-Farrbar2” to compete with more Platu 25: the RUS “Nauticasib team” – always present in the Platu 25 International events - stuck near Barcelona due to trouble with the car.  And it was a pity also, for “GRÜN-Farrbar2”  not compete against the 2011 defender, the Italian Nanuk”, helmed by Luigi Ravioli. Probably the difficult weather conditions and the freezing temperatures discourage more crews from coming .

The next appointment has already been announced. The 29th edition will be from the 1st to the 3rd  and from the 8th to the 10th of  February 2013.

Final rankings
Groupe Platu 25 after 6 races (5 counted)(7 registered)
1 – Jens Ahlgrimm,  GRÜN – Farrbar2, Germany, 5pts
2 – Sebastian Sturm, Gamberro, Germany, 11pts
3 – Oliver Ryhner, Le Cactus, Switzerland, 24pts
Dragon after 6 races (5 counted)(13 registered)
1 – Dmitry Samokhin, Strange Little Girl, Russia, 8pts
2 – Anatoly Loginov, Annapurna, Russia, 9pts
3 – Victor Fogelson, Sunflower, Russia, 12pts
Groupe J24 after 6 races (5 counted)(20 registered)
1 – St Andrews Securities, Monaco, 8pts
2 – Mariane Schoke, Julia, Sweden, 11pts
3 – Claude Rodelato, Topo Too, Monaco, 12pts
Groupe Surprise after 6 races (5 counted)(23 registered)
1 – Alexa Bezel, CER 3 Aprotec, Switzerland, 14pts
2 – Arnaud Psarofaguis, Mirabaud 1, Switzerland, 15pts
3 – Jérome Clerc, CER 2 Genève Airport, Switzerland, 15pts
Groupe Star after 6 races (5 counted)(8 registered)
1 – Filippo Orlando, Acciuga, Monaco, 7pts
2 – Urs Infanger, Kalafati, Switzerland, 7pts

3 – Mario Orlando, Filance, Monaco, 16pts 


 Information & Results: log onto the Yacht Club de Monaco’s website: www.ycm.org


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Kev Sott
(Thailand NCA
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