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CALA DE' MEDICI - After nine races and an exciting final match race, the Italian "EUZ II Monella Vagabonda" owned by Francesco Lanera and helmed by Sandro Montefusco is again, for two consecutive years, Platu 25 World Champion.

Between the Italian “Euz II Monella Vagabonda” helmed by Sandro Montefusco (2011 Platu 25 World Champion in Gmunden and 2012 Platu 25 Platu Italian Champion) and the Spanish “Mar de Frades” helmed by Carlos Paz a very exciting head to head took place. This World Championship became a match race between them. “We know that the last race would be decisive. With the second discard, just two point would separate us from Mar de Frades. We started very well in the last race and we could keep them behind all over the race. On the start line we closed the gate between us and the Commitee boat, so we got a good advantage that we maintained in the next two sides. We got i t, I’m happy” remarked Francesco Lanera, “Euz II Monella Vagabonda”’s owner.  
So, the Spanish "Mar de Frades" is on the second step of the podium after having fighted until the end.  “It was an hard-fought World Championship and we struggle until the end for the title” Anton Paz said. “Until the last race we attempted and we went really near to the goal. We found  a very high level in the Platu 25 class . In these days there were bad meteo conditions, with strong wind or no wind and wave. Unfortunatly for two days crews couldn’t race. By the way, at the end, we had to surrender to the Montefusco’s superiority. For us it’s strange to arrive second in a World Championship. We’ll try again the next year, possibly at Portosin  in Spain, near our Yacht Club ”. 
“Mar de Frades” is followed by an other Italian boat, a boat from Puglia exactly like the new World Champions. It's "Fight for fighting 3" owned by Tommaso De Bellis and helmed by Andrea Casale. For them it was an incredible ricovery and today they got an other fantastic first place in the last race. So, on the podium, there are two Italian boats coming from Monopoli, Puglia.
In the first races we had to learn working well together, because we don’t know well each other. The first races results confirm this “settlement” phase. Then, after the sixth race, we start believing in our possibilities” Andrea Casale, “Five for Fighting 3”’s helmsman said. “Yes, it was a a great recovery” underlined Tommaso De Bellis, the owner. “We are on the podium and we are satisfied. That’s a good point from which to go ahead and do better”
The Austrian "La Burra" owned by Thomas Laherstorfer with the expert Markus Sigrist as a tactitian, managed very well during this Worlds and finished fourth in the provisional final ranking list followed by the Spanish "Sori" helmed by Ramon Oreja who got a great first in the second today race and performed well all World long.  At sixth place there is the real discovery of this World Championship. It's the Italian "Hurrà" helmed by Francesco Lagirti and with Angelo Costa as a tactician A team from Tuscany that gathered just a few months ago, that sailed together during the last act of Coppa Italia here in Cala de' Medici and that in small time was able to grow and become a strong and competitive crew. The strong Spanish "Sperry Coppel Dental" had to be content in the provision ranking list with a seventh place. They started very well in the first races, then they payed a dnf in the fourth races.
With 50 boats participants, the 2012 Platu 25 World Championship that took place in Cala De’ Medici from the 23 to the 29 of September was a success. The warm welcome by the Yacht Club of Cala De’ Medici and the perfect organisation made this event a special occasion. Furthermore for Platu 25 crews it was the occasion to meet and face competitors in a fleet that is getting more and more competitive and tecnic.
General Ranking List: http://www.platu25worlds2012.com/interna/en/classifica.shtml
PLATU 25 INTERNATIONAL PRESS OFFICE : sabrinabonaiti@libero.it
PHOTO: Aihnoa Sanchez Vidales www.ainhoasanchez.com
    Copyright © 2009 Platu25 International Class
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