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MONACO - Here we are with the next appointment for the Platu 25 International class. The “XXIX Primo Cup Trophée Credit Suisse” will take place in Monaco from the first to the 10th of February . That’s an internationally acclaimed event taking place in Monegasque waters which unites almost 800 crew members from all over Europe, representing 15 nationalities. It’s one of the Mediterranean’s leading events in terms of the number of participants, this winter regatta is a key European event, organised by the Yacht Club de Monaco, is now registered as part of the IRC Mediterranean Championship.

During the the first week end (February 1-3), on the start line together with the Platu 25 class, J80, Bone, J24, Melges 20, Surprise, Star and Longtze Premier will take part.  During  the second week end (8-10 Febrauary)  other classes will compete: J70, SB20, Smeralda 888, Esse 850, Melges 32, Melges 34, X 35 e  IRC classes with a minimum of 7 entrants per category.
Until now, four German Platu 25  are moving to the Cote Azur: " GRÜN-Farrbar2" owned by Stephan Moelle and Jens Ahlrimm, from Berlin, “Gamberro”  owned and helmed by Sebastian Sturm, “Spirit of 25” owned by Elke Brueck Seiler from Stuttgart and “Tiramisù” owned by Florian Sprer. Other two Swiss crews will take part to the event: "Team AWN”  helmed by Rolf Frey from Switzerland and “Le Cactus” owned by Oliver Syhner. There will be also a French crew “Frigerio” owned by Jean Frigerio (Club Nautique Voile Aix les Bains). Other Platu 25 crews are expected in Monaco.
All of them are very competitive crews.  The 2012 Platu 25 Primo Cup Champion, indeed, was the German “GRÜN-Farrbar2” helmed by Jens Ahlgrimm who dominated with six first places during the “28th Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse”. The second place, lasty year,  was for “Gamberro” helmed by Sebastian Sturm, followed by the Swiss “Le Cactus” helmed by Olivier Ryhner.  “GRÜN-Farrbar2”  - that also won the 2010 Primo Cup against “Xacobeo 2010 Galicia” of Pepe Lis Santos and David Louzao -  will have to defend the title one more time against competitive adversaries.  
Eligible boats may enter by completing the registration form on the Yacht Club de Monaco’s website (www.ycm.org) by Thursday 30 January for racing the first weekend and by Thursday 7 February for racing the 2nd weekend. The YCM is celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2013. An exceptional 50% discount on registration fees will be offered.
2009 Platu 25 Primo Cup Winner 
Spanish “Central Lechera” helmed by the Olympian championship Natalia Via Dufresne
2010 Platu 25 Primo Cup Winner
German “Farr Barr" helmed by Jens Ahlgrim
2011 Platu 25 Primo Cup Winner
The Italian team “Nanuk”, helmed by Luigi Ravioli and owned by Gianrocco Catalano
2012 Platu 25 Primo Cup Winner 
"GRÜN-Farrbar2" owned by Stephan Moelle and Jens Ahlrimm


PLATU 25 INTERNAZIONAL PRESS OFFICE: sabrinabonaiti@libero.it

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