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SINIGALLIA – “Euz II Monella Vagabonda”, that recently won the 2011  Platu 25 World Championship in Austria, was also crowned as the new  Platu 25 Italian Champion last Sunday. After 10 very competitive races, Euz II owned by Francesco Lanera triumphed in Senigallia, near Ancona,  where the Italian Championship took place from the 14th to the 17th of July. The second place is for Antonello Ciabatti’s “Vis” from  the Ancona “Marinara Yacht Club”, followed by  “Five for Fighting” helmed by Alberto La Tegola.


"The Italian Championship in Senigallia was a success, both for the optimal weather conditions and for the perfect races organization” Roberto Puccetti, the Italian Platu 25 Secretary said. “When there is a good organization and the boat owners are satisfied for the good results of the sail events, the class can’t help rising. Furthermore, we have to consider that an Italian boat won the Worlds. That’s for sure an excellent advert for the Italian Platu 25 class. The high quality  of the races competed in Senigallia confirmed that we reached a very  high level  and a good quality in organizing sail events. This fact should tempt new owners and new arrivals to take a stab at this class”.


This year, for Euz II Monella Vagabonda it is an incredible year. “It’s an exceptional and unique sail season for us” Francesco Lanera, the “Euz II”’s owner remarked. “When we were  asked about the secret that could explain our  success, we answered that we avoided bad luck dressing again the filthy yellow T-shirts that we used to dress during the Worlds in Austria. The second day, indeed, dressing our green T-shirts, we got the worst result (ninth, third and second). So we decided to go back to the yellow ones and we didn’t leave them until the end of the regatta”. Lanera changed the Euz II  team formation in this appointment in Senigallia against the best and most competitive Italian teams, and he struck again. “At the helm there was Jacopo La Cerra, with whom we shared the 2010 season, Paolo Montefusco as a tactician. It was the first time with Paolo on board and now I can understand the reason because Paolo, together with his  brother Sandro (he helmed Euz II during the Worlds in Austria, could win so much. They are so talented! Andrea Quartulli was at bow – he is very good at sailing with off-shore boats – and he confirmed his skill on a monotype. Then there were two of us, Corrado Capace Muratolo and I, just back from the Worlds”


It wasn’t easy to win the Platu 25 Italian Champion title, as Franesco Lanera confirmed. “Vis, helmed by Antonello Ciabatti gave us a hard time. Ciabatti is a very competitive and experienced  helmsman. Last year he managed very well during the Platu 25  Italian Championship in Santo Stefano. We won just because we were more constant than him. Except a mistake we made  in a  start that we paid with a ninth position, for the rest we didn’t make any other mistake”. There are just 4 points discard between the first and the second place. It means that the battle between them was quite hard.  “We raced against them, and they did the same. It was a sort of exciting match race, until the end. In the third day we took turns with them in conquering the top of the overall.  The last day was tough because we started perfectly twice but the races were canceled. For luck, we managed  well also in the third start, the good one, and we won


The World and Italian Platu 25 Champion has a lot of projects  for the future: “We applied for Brindisi as the next Worlds location. In Brindisi, there is a very prestigious Yacht Club that had already organized many Worlds, among which an ORC World . A Platu 25 World Championship in Brindisi would revitalize the Platu 25 class in Puglia region”.

Italy has got two official places candidates for the next 2012 Platu 25 World Championship: In addition to Brindisi, there is also Cala De’ Medici, in Tuscany, that had already hosted many International regattas like the Etchells European Championship and that will host the 2013 Etchells Worlds.   


Maria Pia Ebreo Platu 25 Italian press: applepie.com@gmail.com

Sabrina Bonaiti: Platu 25 International press: sabrinabonaiti@libero.it

Photo : Jacopo Bellomo

English edited by Kev Scott (Thailand NCA)


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