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Brunnen - World Championship, Falkone wins the first regattas

Falkone wins in the first day of 2016 Platu 25 World Championship, that is taking place in Brunnen, in Switzerland. Eric Monnin's team got 2 points, 2 more than Austrian team La Burra. The current champion EUZ II Villa Schinosa is third with 7 points, one more than Superbusi and two points ahead of Easy Tiger. The vice-world champion Five For Fighting 3 is sixth with two seventh places. Then we can see Gamberro, Jerry Speed, Black Flag. Tenth place for Pirillina, then Randale 3. Then we can find 4 teams with 28 points: Ursa Minor, Bambolina, Connection and Bailarina. In the latest places there are Bonaventura, Kong Bambino Viziato, To Be Advised and Phoenix.

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