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Brunnen, World Championship - La Burra, Laherstorfer: "We will give it all to get the third pla

It was maybe the first day's revelation of the tournament. La Burra was one of the protagonists of the Platu 25 World Championship first regattas. The Austrian team started the competition with two second places but yesterday it got a second position and a ninth place. Today La Burra hasn't had a good day: "We had problems with the boat – the statements of the skipper, Thomas Laherstorfer -. It's a shame because we had a good start on Tuesday. Yesterday we got another second place, but we got also a ninth position. Today, unfortunately, we had these problems and we didn't raced so fast. Hopefully, tomorrow it will be a better day". Laherstorfer has a main goal: "Falkone and EUZ II Schinosa Villa are better than all of us and they will contest the championship. I think Falkone will win the competition. Our goal is to get the third place. We will try to get it, we will give it all. We would like to get at least in the top 5 but the third place it would be perfect". Laherstorfer concludes talking about Brunnen: "The place is beautiful, the lake is wonderful and even the people are very friendly".

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