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Brunnen, World Championship - Euz II Villa Schinosa, Lanera: "The fight for the podium? Tomorro

One day at the end of Platu 25 World Championship, that is taking place in Brunnen. Falkone has a strong advantage over the current champion, Euz II Villa Schinosa: "Today we didn't race well, we suffered some wind shifts – the statements of Euz II Villa Schinosa's skipper, Francesco Lanera -. Falkone shouldn't have problems tomorrow to get the title. The Swiss team was very good: they are a very strong team, they know very well the lake and tactically they are extremely good. In Brunnen I found a good level and I have to say that Italian teams are doing well”. Falkone is close to get the title and so there is a fight for the podium: Euz II Villa Schinosa, Five For Fighting 3 and Superbusi will contest the second place and the third position: "The favorites are Five For Fighting 3 because they are ahead. Yesterday we were ahead - continues Lanera -, but not today. Tomorrow we'll see what it will happen”.

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