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Participate in the Jolly Team (WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP PLATU 25 ANZIO-Rome)

Participate in the Jolly Team The Anzio fleet is very pleased to invite your entire crew to participate in a weekend of regatta together with our fleet on the Lazio coast. The boat "Jolly team" has been enrolled in the Zonal Winter Championship 2016/2017 for the sole purpose of having with us, even if only for two days of regatta, crews from other zones so as to continue to share our wonderful passion for the wind and for the sea. The dates of the winter championship Anzio and Nettuno are the following: date of regatta - team booked 19-nov-16 - NOBODY 20-nov-16 17-dic-16 - NOBODY 18-dic-16 14-gen-17 - NOBODY 15-gen-17 11-feb-17 - NOBODY 12-feb-17 11-mar-17 - NOBODY 12-mar-17

Let us know as soon as possible the dates on which you would like to participate so that we can organize for the Jolly Team. This invitation provides for payment by the guest crew of a small contribution (€ 300,00) which includes the logistics for the crew during that weekend: Saturday evening overnight stay at the sailing Club in Anzio, dinner Ssaturday evening with the other crews, boat and equipment rental (you need to bring only the sails), hauling and launching, photographs and filming of the event, impeccable company and assistance from the teams of Anzio! Once you have chosen the weekend of your preference please reply to this email providing the dates and possibly the list of the names of your crew so as to allow us to register your team at the Circolo della Vela di Roma. For any clarification and/or further information you may contact the following: comunicazione@platu25.it Look forward to hearing from you very soon! http://www.platu25.it/jollyteam-eng

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