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Pattaya, Transworld regatta is coming!

The third Transworld regatta, February 2017, will once again be run out of the beautiful Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Pattaya on the Gulf of Thailand. The regatta was originated at the request of the Platu World Class committee. Because there are not enough boats in any one country in the Far East to be able to run a World Championship, it was decided to create the “Transworlds” to give to more possible crews a chance to enjoy the sailing experience at the birth place of the Platu and to give sailors from all over the world the chance to race against each other. The Platu was designed by Bruce Farr specifically for the Gulf of Thailand. Calm, warm waters and moderate winds, year round, make this a sailor’s paradise. The setting and facilities at this world class marina simply add to the ideal sailing experience. Next February will see crews from Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Thailand. Three months in advance of the event all boats are confirmed and entered. Seven of the boats are already chartered and six will be owner sailed. This event continues on its way to becoming “a must do” regatta and along with the iconic Top of the Gulf International regatta in May, they provide two of the very best, One Design, regattas. The Top of the Gulf encompasses the famous Coronation Cup which was introduced to celebrate the Coronation of the late KING of Thailand, who himself was a champion sailor. This is especially relevant this year with the recent death of this wonderful KING, creating a whole country in mourning. The Coronation Cup regatta was introduced when the first Platus arrived in Thailand in 1996. The full history of the Platu and the Coronation Cup can be seen at www.yachtsinthailand.com in the History section. CHARTER - We created a situation where all the boats are looked after by one person and a strict level of preparation was introduced. We also made sure that we provide help during a regatta to fix any problems along the way. This makes sure that charter customers feel protected and looked after, having spent a lot of time and money to be here. This writer has experienced the situation of travelling to a foreign country and being presented with a charter boat that was well below racing condition. Not knowing the area, not speaking the language, not having sufficient tools and equipment made the job of fixing the boat even more stressful, expensive and time consuming. We all look forward to a, multi National, Transworld, Platu regatta in one of the world’s best sailing venues, here at Ocean Marina Yacht Club.

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