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Kevin Scott: "We need a change of mentality. All the boats in the same condition for everybody&

The Platu25 coordinator in Thailand,

, talks about the future of the Class: "We are at the World Championship in Sicily and we are talking with the President, Edoardo Barni. My job is to look after the fleet in Pattaya, Thailand. We are discussing the fact that, at the moment, most of the European crews use their own boats and there are a few charter boats taking part in the events. Usually the charter boats aren't in a good condition because they aren't used very often. Some of them are also expensive. Years ago, in Thailand, all the boats were organized by the owners and they weren't in a very good condition. If a crew came for far away with a lot of expense and a lot of time and they were disappointed they may not came again. What we did in Thailand is that one person prepares all of the boats in charter, all of them in the very similar condition with the same equipment and with the same potential to win with the right crew. We are looking to trasform the Platu25 World Championship with this system. So when a crew goes to the World Championship all the boats are provided, the same as for match races. All the boats in the same condition. The idea would be that crew change boats during the events to create equality. It's debatable whether we let crews use own sails or not or if the sails are provided as well but this is the system we would like to carry forward. We need a change of mentality of the crews to accept racing on boats provided by the organizers and not their own boats.

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