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Mondello, World Championship - Euz II Villa Schinosa holds the first place, Wolleb: "We can clo

Euz II Villa Schinosa holds the first place after the third day of the 2017 Platu25 World Champioship, here in Mondello, Italy. Today the wind was very unstable and it blown between 4 and 9 knots. In the second position, Five For Fighting 3 has to fight with the local team Brera Hotels, that has just six points more in the ranking: “We will try to get the second place – the statements of Alberto Wolleb, Brera Hotels owner - Yesterday we did a big mistake, otherwise we would be much closer to Five For Fighting 3 but we can close the gap. The Platu25 is a fast boat and anyone is essential. It must be the whole crew to win, not the single man”.

Jhaplin 007, that yesterday won one of the four races, gets the fou

rth place in the standings. There is a great fight for the subsequent positions between the German team Conquest B52, the Australian team Easy Tiger, the Italians teams Birbante and Menef8 Parallelo 38.

Yesterday the Lithuanian team Mojito gets a fourth place but today they obtained only the nineteenth and the twenty-fourth position: “It was very tough today – the statements

-. Yesterday we got the fourth place in the last race an we are very happy but our goal is to learn, to have fun here. We'll do our best and we'll see what it will happen. The Platu25 boat is very tecnical and difficult and i like that so much”. Tomorrow the start is fixed at 11.00 am.

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