Mondello World Championship 2017

World    Championship    Schedule    

Sunday 24 -  Registration and Measurement
Monday 25 -  Registration and Measurement
Tuesday 26 -  Regattas
Wednesday 27 -  Regattas

Thursday 28 -  Regattas

Friday 29 -  Regattas
Saturday 30 - Regattas and Prize giving Ceremony

Mondello is a small borough of the city of Palermo in the autonomous region of Sicily in southern Italy. Its beach lies between two massive rock formations called Mount Gallo and Mount Pellegrino. The town was originally a small fishing village situated on marshland, but at the end of the 19th century it grew into a very popular destination. The numerous art nouveau style villas on the seafront promenade made it one of the gems of Art Nouveau in Europe.
Mondello is characterized by a sandy bay of tropical colors that connects the two promontories, called Monte Gallo and Mount Pellegrino, with a coastline of white sand that nowadays is little more than 1.5 kilometers long. The landscape is influenced by the nature reserve of Capo Gallo and the reserve of Monte Pellegrino. Today the area is famous for its beach, which is one of the most coveted shores of Italy, for its many Art Nouveau villas and for sites of historical interest.
The Art Nouveau villas characterize the architecture of the place, making it an important landmark in the history of international modernism . These buildings (many by the famous architect Ernesto Basile) are among the best examples of Art Nouveau in Italy and Europe.
​Mondello has many accommodations, numerous yacht clubs and exclusive clubs, restaurants, shops, a marina and an old bathhouse, the Antico Stabilimento Balneare, one of the landmarks of the city. It is home of the World Festival on the Beach.